About Us

Urban Public Relations is a powerhouse celebrity events and public relations firm. We specialize in crafting unique PR campaigns through a process of pure genius. 

Our industry connections and 20 years of real Public Relations experience allows us to celebrity PR campaigns that are impactful and most times-unbeatable.  

Our client list is ridiculous. We refer to it as our "CLINTON TO CLINTON" list. That's Former (POTUS) President William Jefferson Clinton (Golf Tournament and Reception in Los Angeles) and NFL's Clinton Portis (Welcome To DC Gala).  

We made history during the 2000 Democratic National Convention as being the first African-American Woman-Owned PR firm to work with the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton.

Our firm is unparalleled worldwide. Our founder, Natasha Rennie, MBA, is a master of 'The Art of Influence.' And our tag line says it all, "Celebrity Events and PR ...Done Well!"

WELCOME ... Life just got better



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