About Me

Autobiography of Natasha Rennie

I graduated from several reputable institutions and boast more degrees than a thermometer. I'm a tough, no-nonsense girl with an abrasive and sometimes uncompromising personality.

I'm exceptionally articulate but can drop f-bombs when necessary or just for shock value. My near-perfect diction grants me the privilege of sounding incredibly intelligent and sophisticated despite the fact I may not know how to spell the word I just uttered or distinguish a Van Gogh from my nephew’s art project.

Foolish people give me a pass for acting like Ares and making nasty comments because they've mistaken my behavior for "intellectual wit” when, in fact, I am telling the truth or just being mean.

Some people say I’m a bit@h. Others use the euphemisms such as “She’s such a character” or “She’s a piece of work.” Either way, I pride myself on always being a f*cking lady. But I digress.

I consider myself hereditarily perfect and highly favored by God.

I am a publicist by trade, an event planner by choice and ambitious by genetic coding. But my true passion – is being the center of the universe.

That’s My Job!

Welcome! Your Life Just Got Better. 


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